Metal Fiber Products

Our metal fibers and processed products are with diameters ranging from 20 to 80 micron, available in various alloys, such as stainless steel, high temperature resistant alloys, Titanium, Aluminum and Copper. They are made by our unique technology Coil Saving Method. Due to this technology we are able to provide suitable products to our customers various requirements such as Webs, Textiles, Fiber tows and sheets.


Sinterd Metal Fiber Products

Sintered Metal Fiber Products are made by various metal fiber with our unique technology Foil Shaving Method. They become porous body. We do not use any binders in our sintered products.

Especially, the fiber manufacturing is possible for titanium from diameter 20μm.The titanium sintered products with the fine fibers have an excellent resistance to corrosion, mechanical properties and the biocompatibility which are not seen in other metals. We can change the porosity and thickness of sintered metal fiber products based on customers' requirements. The products have a large surface area and let the air and the liquid through it because they are porous media.
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NIKKO TECHNO Sintered Metal Fiber