Anti static braid “Bekistat™”

“Bekistat™” is Antistatic Braid &Yarn. Releases you from the annoying static electricity! Discharge it safe and Quickly. It is cost effective and easy to install. We are now looking for companies that are willing to become business agencies for this remarkably cost effective Bekistat™, in each region of the world or in countries. Please contact us and join us.


Main features

High performance and cheaper than anti-static brush.

Not excessively apply electric charge to the charged substance.

Easy installation and easy maintenance.

Chemically stable substance because of stainless-steel.

Reasons of static discharge

Bekistat™ is braid by mixed spinning of stainless-steel fiber and polyester with high electricity discharging capability. By corona-discharge effect of superfine stainless-steel fiber, it discharges static electricity safely and quickly.

Image of static discharge

Installation example

In the cases of electric charge that occurs when attached films peeled from each other (unrolling), apply Bekistat™ under the film right angled to the flow of the film. Ideal distance from the film is from 2 to 5cm and 10 to 20cm from the roll. Please set in the most suitable position at your plant.

*Please make sure to ground at one end for discharge.

Applications of Bekistat™

As electro-discharge parts:
Electric/Electronics equipments, precision machinery, printing machines
Producing anti-static space: For factory/place that uses powder/organic solvent.

Demonstration of Bekistat ESD solution

Demonstration movie

Demonstration of Bekistat ESD solution

Bekistat™ lineup