Bekistat™ FAQ

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Why does Bekistat™ hold supreme electric discharging capability?

Bekistat™ is braid by mixed spinning of stainless-steel fiber and polyester, and there are many steel fiber end sticking out from the braid to every direction. By corona-discharge effect of superfine stainless-steel fiber, it discharges static electricity from any direction safely and quickly.

Can it be used without touching the charged material?

Corona-discharge effect does not require any contact to the charged material for the quick and safe discharge. To avoid any contamination to your products and for the longer lastingness, we would recommend the use of Bekistat™ without the contact.

Where should it be placed ?

Bekistat™ should be placed in between 1 to 5cm from the material. However, the result is depending on the environment and the circumstance. We would recommend to test and find the best situation by the customer.

How and where to use the attachment parts?

Can be applied in various way.
For example, when you would like to discharge the static electricity occurred when unrolling film, it is best to apply Bekistat™ just under the film 2 to 5cm away and right angled to the flow of the film.

Be sure to ground one end. And the position is better being 10 to 20cm apart from the roller to avoid influence of the roller. We recommend to test and measure by the customer. When the thickness of the film exceeding certain level, static charge occurs on both sides of the film. In that case, apply Bekistat™ on both sides and make it a little off set as the figure below.

How long does it last?

Change it to a new one when it is worn or stained of ink or solvent.
Even when it looks good, periodical measurement of discharging ability is very much recommended.

Any need for grounding?

Yes, we recommend grounding.

What is the corona-discharge effect?

The corona-discharge effect occurs when there is more than 3KV of electric charge put close to a needle like projection. The density of the discharge (spark) is fairly small, usually a less than 0.1mJ, so it is very much unlikely for flammable gasses to get ignited causing fire. That is the main reason why corona-discharge effect is utilized in self discharging and static controller with electro-conductive fibers.

How much are the prices?

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Where can it be purchased?

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How long does it take for delivery?

It depends on the area you would like us to deliver.
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Any price discount for trading company?

Yes, we could arrange prices for the trading companies with bulk purchase.
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Any type for clean-room use?

For it is braid from short fibers, we can not guarantee that it is totally free from fibers to fall out resulting in contamination of your products.

How much of static electricity can Bekistat discharge ?

With utilizing corona-discharging effect, Bekistat™ is capable of immediately discharging high (10~100KV) electricity down to a level of less than 3KV.

Any difference in performance between types?

The corona-discharging effect occurs evenly to any types. So you can select the type in accordance with the circumstances you face, and get same result.
For example: you might like to use the type BRD8 for the places like narrow area, while you would use the type TP1(with higher tensile strength) in the wide space so you could string it without slackness.